In case of the visa, permanent resident, or naturalized, please leave them to SATO international legal affairs office

Our president was awarded “for organizing the international immigration lawyer office and making great efforts for supporting Japanese companies to start up activities overseas and supporting for foreign companies’ and foreigner’s lives and activities in Japan”. We will keep doing our best for foreigners to deserve this honorable award.

※It’s too late if you come after you failed!

Immigration procedures are diffcult and have borad discretion. We saw many piople who could't get legal permission because of lucking the knowledge of these diddiculties.We recommend you leave it to experts like us before you fail to get the permission for the appprication.

Service contents




・Permanent Residence 




・Special Permission


・International Marriage/Divorce 


・Procedures of Embassy 


・ALL Kinds of America viza 


・Establishment of Alien Company's Branch 


・Joint Venture 


・Language School Establishment 


・Company Establishment/
  Company ChangeProcedures 


・Accounts /Financing 


・Contract/Traffic Accident